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 Gifted was born on the West bank of  New Orleans, La. His one belief is to entertain, teach and to always keep honesty and truth in his music.Gifted is a husband of 19yrs (Zeeda), & a Father of 6 (Shannon,Kyiri,Kyron,Terrion,Jara & Lil Terrence). Gifted holds a Masters degree in Education/Teacher Leadership & is a  Motivational Speaker and award winning Artist . At the age of 15, Gifted secured a deal as a choreographer/ writer with the hottest label in N.O. at that time "Take Fo' Records. From Take Fo' Gifted went on to "Smoke 1 Records" the 1st label to do a joint venture with "No-Limit Records" headed by the music mogul Master P.
Gifted has spoken at schools across the United States and abroad & was also a feature Artist at the NBA All Star event festivities sponsored by Nike and Foot Locker, featuring Spike Lee, Kobe Bryant,& Doug E.Fresh. Gifted has toured the U.S. and abroad to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rotherham and London, England and has been a featured Artist on over 100 albums, most notably "Testimony of Redemption" the album from Bushwick Bill of the platinum selling super group, The Geto Boys.
Gifted has been a feature Artist at the 2009 - 2019 SXSW Music Conference, Houston's Los Magnificos Car Show and New Orleans' Cutting Edge Music Conference. As time passed Gifted began to realize the power and the affect Hip Hop music has over the world. From that realization, Gifted is now on a mission to breath life into the School System and into Hip Hop. With truth in his heart and Gifted's way with words something special is getting ready to take place. And So It Begins.


Adams Entertainment Agency is a group of elite speakers, headed by former Harlem GlobeTrotter Melvin Adams, that share their life experiences, both positive and negative with their audiences. The common goal is to reach out to the youth of America and promote the idea that..DREAMS DO COME TRUE
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